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Discover EGEA and let yourself be enchanted by conscious and timeless luxury.

EGEA: Where Brushstrokes, Worlds, and Precious Stones Illuminate with Grace


Once upon a time, between the whispers of waves and the twinkling of stars, a brand was born from the union of research and Italian high jewelry: EGEA. Each EGEA creation is a hymn to timeless beauty, where precious stones blend with ancient techniques to offer an accessible luxury that transcends aesthetics.

EGEA: A Conscious Luxury

EGEA is, above all, a journey. A voyage that begins on a forgotten Greek isle, traverses the mysteries of Venetian lagoons, and finds its pinnacle in the harmony of the elements. Here, water dances with fire, earth, and air to give birth to exceptional jewelry. Each piece invites you to explore deep connections, uniting the art of jewelry with delicate artist watercolors. EGEA's dream crystallizes in every brushstroke, every curve of precious metal, and every stone that blossoms into unique creations.

The Essence of EGEA

EGEA's fragrance "Acqua," with its captivating sensory notes, is designed to awaken emotional well-being. It is an ode to serenity, an olfactory symphony that accompanies each piece of jewelry, making every moment precious and memorable.

EGEA Jewelry: Mastery of Italian Craftsmanship

Since its founding in June 2019 by the talented Gianluca Pellegrini and Marco Leone Camillo, EGEA Jewels has established itself as a reference in Italian high jewelry. Combining innovation and tradition, each EGEA creation is a feat of elegant design, highlighting the pure beauty of carefully selected precious stones.

EGEA's silver jewelry is not just luxury items but works of art crafted with passion and expertise. Each piece tells a story, one of perfect harmony between nature and human craftsmanship. With EGEA, every piece of jewelry is a window into a universe where grace and elegance are one.

Wearing an EGEA creation is not just about donning jewelry; it is embracing a philosophy, a way of life where every detail is designed to offer you the best of Italian high jewelry, with a touch of soul and poetry. EGEA is where brushstrokes, worlds, and precious stones illuminate with grace.

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